May 02, 2004


I wrote a poem tonight, believe it or not. Inspired by none other than good old Frank Castle himself. Not directly, I suppose. I saw the new movie telling that same old story of a man scorned by his memories. The sentimental character had a line that was repeated about three times during the movie. "Good memories can save your life." It's a cheesy line, but it started me thinking of that which haunts me silently and without notice. The basic gist of the poem is as follows:

The past haunts. The present flaunts. The future taunts.

We are haunted by some of our memories (the past). The hear and now is always pulling us toward instant gratification. The future, with it's "anything is possible" nature always offers just a little bit more.

I think it's a little late for this.

Posted by wschuller at May 2, 2004 01:57 AM
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