June 21, 2004

I'm officially cured

I felt pretty good today with only mild and infrequent nasal leakage. I sealed the deal with a 6 mile bike ride. Not only was this ride the first in over a week, but I beat my fairly rock steady time by 5 minutes. It seams that either the break or my brain being soaked in more than the usual amount of mucus jogged my memory a bit.

You see, this entire cycle of cycling (I don't know 6 - 8 weeks or so) I've been placing the ball of my foot just in front of the middle of the pedal. (Elequently written, eh?) Somehow I managed to get my foot placed right with the ball of my foot just behind the middle of the pedal. I forgot all about those other muscles. Something seems to have kept them in shape all this time.

On a completely different subject, I didn't get called from work until 7:28 this morning. Seeing as I dropped off my last meeting at 6:30ish, that would mean I worked much less than 12 hours today. Hooray!

Posted by wschuller at June 21, 2004 08:22 PM
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