July 22, 2004

The night, biking and computers, a good mix

There's nothing like an 11:00PM bike ride after a hard day re-architecting the project you've been working on for the last six months of your life. I was excited to work with a respectable project with 2 clusters of 6 nodes each totaling 32 CPUs. Somehow, it's now 2 clusters of 9 nodes each totaling 80 CPUs. Fun!

Things I learned tonight:

1. How to ride my bike up stairs. The tough part of riding up stairs is pedaling. Pedaling up stairs is tricky on a full suspension rig. The fork tends to compress quite a bit bringing your crank arms lower. While I haven't had a pedal hit concrete yet, I have caught my toe a few times. If you have enough momentum to carry you to the top, it's no problem. I suppose I just need fancy lock out suspension.

2. The neighborhoods I ride through look different at night. Given the relative darkness, most of the colors are muted. But the windows are amazing. Yellow light pours through a third story window setting the crimson curtains ablaze. For all the color hidden under darkness, the colors that are lit come alive.

Things I was reminded of tonight:

1. Riding at night is not going to work in the winter given the sprinkler schedule at Balboa park. Cold + wet = unhappy biker.
2. Moths like light.
3. My Nightrider headlamp is bright.
4. Moths still don't taste very good.
5. A one on one pool basketball death match can result in really large bruises in addition to the mild sunburn and skinned shins.

Oh yeah, happy birthday Mariana.

Posted by wschuller at July 22, 2004 12:05 AM
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