September 13, 2005

GPS unit lost

I haven't seen my nifty Garmin Fortrex 201 in months. I used it extensively as a bike computer, and had been experimenting with using it to log commute times. If anyone sees it, let me know.


Wouldn't it be cool to have data on how long it took to drive to work each morning? If you could then do some statistical analysis of that data based on what time you left the house, what route you took, the weather, external traffic and accident data, etc. What if you had a PC in the car that played music and had an ODB-II data logger. Wouldn't it be interesting to analyze the affect of particular music (or just the beats per minute) on speed? What about checking to see if eating breakfast in the morning got you to work sooner? Was it because you were more alert, because you got a later start or because you had to use the restroom as a result of all that OJ?

Corporate America uses all sorts of crazy data about us to enhance their bottom line. Wouldn't it be great if we could use data to enhance our personal lives?

Posted by wschuller at September 13, 2005 04:25 PM
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