April 17, 2005

Things overheard at church today...

I'm in Corona today. Being Sunday, I placated my family and went to church with them.

From the Pastors sermon: "...let me tell you what to think and what you need to know..." (literal quote, not embellishing one bit!)
Random father to his 8 year old kid: "Don't put that in your mouth." Kids despondent reply: "I know...".

I also glanced over at my brother during the sermon only to find him taking his girlfriend's pulse. Indeed, the experience could have taken the life out of anyone.

In light of the opening of "Yamaha Stadium", the new sanctuary of my grandparents church, which according to their ad in the paper also doubles as Corona's newest concert venue, I thought I was going to the church that still had it's roots in religion. I guess I'm right. Pastors have been telling their flock what to think for generations.

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