May 11, 2005

Pluto Home Rocks! ...I think...

Pluto Home was mentioned early last year on Slashdot as a pricey ($15,000) Media Center/PBX/Home Automation/Security appliance for the rich. Some time between then and now, the good folks at Pluto Home have decided to open source their entire software system. The system was comprised of many open source software applications to begin with including Asterisk, Xine, Mplayer, MythTV and Mozilla to name a few. Pluto Home has tied it all together with a now open source integration platform that runs on Linux as well as Windows, Windows CE and Symbian (all with reduced functionality compared to the Linux version). With a development framework that includes wizards for building plug-ins, this could be a very interesting platform indeed. Now I can live like the rich and famous for next to free, or at least have another giant hole to sink my time into. As soon as this backup finishes, I'll be installing their Core, Media Director and several Orbiters.

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