June 10, 2005

Information, Information everywhere

I recently bought a motherboard. I have a ton of information about this motherboard and it's scattered all over the place. The receipt, the transaction in Quicken, the warranty, the instruction manual, miscellaneous drivers and there are other things plugged into it that have all the same things. Why can't I relate it all? Technically speaking, I should have an entry in my asset list to in case I need to make an insurance claim after a fire or something as well. Why can't I have an "everything" browser? I could search for my computer, see there is a motherboard there. Click on it, have an RSS feed with all the latest drivers, the price I paid for it, what it's been going for on ebay and if there are any recalls on it or something? If I need to return it, why can there be a scanned copy of the receipt right there in my browser and a copy of the warranty that's been broken down by an online service into something I can understand?

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