February 24, 2006

Biked to work today

Yepp, it's been a while since I've made an entry. I finally bit the bullet and rode my bike / the train to work and back today. I took the train from Downtown Campbell to Evelyn and Pioneer in Mountain View. That station is conveniently close to the Stevens Creek Trail, which in turn conveniently connects to the Shoreline trails. The trail head is about 2 minutes from my building and 3 minutes from building 10 with the showers. The down side is that it took me a little over two hours each way. I'm going to try and make the trek a few times a week still. Now that I more or less know where I'm going, I can speed up the biking a bit and pay less attention to what stop is coming and do some more reading on the train. Click for more...

I never thought of my bike as huge until I tried to stand it on it's end in the middle of a train without knocking anyone (including myself) over while the train was moving. Also, it sticks way further out in the isle than the other bikes prompting some comical maneuvers as passengers try to squeeze between it and the folks seated across from it.

I have some issues with all the gear I have to carry too. I have two very nice German made waterproof panniers I spent more money on than I choose to admit. It was the dot com boom days though and that $100/hr I was raking in was going to make me rich. If only I had been able to consistently get more than 10 hours of work a month.

Anyhow, the panniers are stuffed to the brim with my laptop, magazines, clothes, a towel, toiletries, second hydration pack (for the trip home), etc, etc. That along with my soft shell, helmet, gloves and hydration pack it's all a lot to manage. It also takes up a full seat on the train. I think I might try to use the "shelf" behind the seats across from the bike rack next time. It's a lot of stuff to carry as you're trying to maneuver your bike into that pain in the ass rack.

Aside from managing it all while on the train, I also have to haul it all around with me. My bike is pretty heavy with all that gear strapped to it. I'm really used to being able to whip it around. Oh well.

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