May 05, 2006, the best ISP ever

My wife and I recently moved about half a mile east to a new townhouse. Since I wanted to keep the same phone number, there was going to be a slight delay in getting my DSL service moved over to the new place. Some confusion lead to some issues. All is well now and I am now being served up fantastic access to the internet. Here's the feedback I gave

Due to an incorrect address to phone number mapping on the SBC side, was initially incorrectly led to believe by SBC that DSL was unavailable at my new address. My first call to cancel service based on this information and my subsequent call asking you to double check were both handled with the utmost courtesy, respect and friendliness. On the very rare occasion I've had to contact your sales or support departments it has been a pleasure to deal with friendly competent folks who have always been able to solve my problem quickly. Between your excellent customer service and the fact that I get exactly what I pay for: fast, unfettered, unfiltered, unshaped access to the internet, I was almost brought to tears for the 10 minutes I thought I was outside of your service area. Thank you for being a bastion of freedom amongst an industry full of blundering knuckleheads. Keep up the great work!

If you live in the Bay Area, please sign up with them. They're great!

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