August 30, 2006

I'm gonna be in Make!!!

Okay. My "reveiw" of the Sonicare Toothbrush was actually picked up by Make Magazine. It was featured in the TNT email newsletter and might even make it into Make volume 09. Hooooooooo!

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August 02, 2006

Versatility of the Sonicare Toothbrush

Sonicare Essence 5300

I've been thinking for a long time about what a great cleaning tool my sonicare toothbrush might make. My first vision was cleaning flux from assembled PCBs instead of using an ultrasonic bath. I still haven't tried that, but I did get my money's worth cleaning something else.

Mariana and I tied the knot last October and as is the American tradition, our car was decorated. My crack team of groomsmen used some fluorescent paint on the windows to inscribe "Just Married" and other things on the windows. It all looked great. The paint was designed for glass and pretty much wiped right off. As we were getting into the car, Mariana wiped some off onto her dress and subsequently onto the passengers armrest. The armrest is textured to look like leather and since then I've had a fluorescent yellow patch there. I've had detailers and car wash folks try to get it out, but it wouldn't budge.

Sonicare to the rescue. 5 minutes with the toothbrush dipped in just water was all it took. If you're going to use this method on larger areas, I'd suggest having two small containers of water. One to rinse the head with, and one to get fresh, clean water from. I haven't tried using the brush with any sort of cleaning solution, but if you do be sure to use eye protection as the brush tends to fling the liquid in tiny droplets all over the place.

You have pick up a basic "Sonicare Essence 5300" from Aetna over the web. It's priced at $57.30 plus $9.50 for shipping and handling when you use the code "sonicare". Retail price seems to be about $80. Amazon has it for just under $70, so if you're going to do free shipping with them it might be worth it, especially if the Aetna deal goes away.

The essence seems to be perfect for cleaning since it's almost half the cost of the elite series without special brushing "features". If you don't use a sonicare toothbrush on your teeth, this might be the perfect opportunity to buy two. I really like the results.

As for me, I'll continue to use an old brush head with the base I already have until Mariana makes me stop.

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More Cool Tools

This weeks Make TNT newsletter brought a few tools to my attention.
The Yankee Push driver looks very cool.
Yankee Push Driver
The good ol' brace is also a tool I would like to come by. A nice antique one would be even cooler than a modern plasticy tool.

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