October 31, 2006

PanaVise on Sale at Jameco

Vacuum Base Vise
Jameco has a decent work vise on sale for $29.99.

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October 25, 2006

iPhoto <-> iMovie HD integration

I had some trouble getting iMovie to recognize any of the photos I had in iPhoto while playing around with the video camera Mariana gave me as an anniversary gift. I ended up having to delete all of my keywords as described in this thread.

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October 22, 2006

Tools, tools, tools...

I came across the Toolmonger website while surfing in my hotel room in Boston. I found a few tools that I will likely be picking up. More after the break.

Veritas Grinder Tool Rest
I've never been good at making custom tools. In my two years of precision machining, I butchered more tool steel than I can count. That's why I turned to the good ol' CNC mill. I wasn't expected to grind my own end mills. Perhaps if there were decent tool rest on the grinders in the shop I might have had an easier time with it. You can be sure that once I have space for a bench grinder, I'll procure a Veritas Grinder Tool rest to compliment it.

Uvex Bionic Shield

Since the process of grinding involves chipping off tiny pieces of metal and flinging them at high speeds, safety goggles and a face shield are standard safety equipment. Standard face shields leave plenty of room for debris to fly in from the bottom. They do a decent job of protecting you from a direct hit, but leave an awfully big gap between chest and chin. They are cumbersome at best.

The Uvex Bionic Shield on the other hand is stylish and ergonomic.

Dyson Root 6

After all of those flecks of metal and stone have bounced off your safety equipment, you're going to need to clean them up. Shop-vacs suck. I have a feeling that Dyson may have done it right. First of all, no cords. Get right up on the bench with it or back behind the bench grinder without having to buy a 12' vacuum tube.

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